Heating Oil

Put away the layers of sweaters, scarves and gloves this winter and trust Harmony Fuels with all of your heating oil delivery needs. With efficient, reliable heating oil delivery solutions from Harmony Fuels, having access to carbon neutral heating oil and comfort is now possible. While heating oil is one of the most cost-effective heating fuel options around, it’s not the most environmentally conscious option, as it produces carbon emissions that affect the climate and air quality.

Harmony Fuels rethinks heating oil delivery services, combining it with eco-friendly investments and interests to help reduce your household’s carbon footprint. With every heating oil delivery scheduled with Harmony Fuels, we invest equally in green initiatives like solar and wind research projects. By scheduling your next heating oil delivery with Harmony Fuels, you can ensure that you don't have to sacrifice affordable, reliable comfort for a greener tomorrow.

The Future of Heating Oil Deliveries With Carbon Neutral Heating Oil From Harmony Fuels

With heating oil as one of the only cost-effective, dependable resources for heating your home this winter, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to be green while also enjoying consistent and guilt-free comfort. When you schedule all of your heating oil deliveries through Harmony Fuels, you can still heat your home while offsetting the negative carbon emissions associated with heating oil systems.

We are the only company that offers carbon-neutral heating oil deliveries — any time you order fuel through us, we'll match every gallon purchased with an appropriate number of carbon offsets from certified green energy projects. You pick what eco-friendly initiatives to invest in — including solar, wind, landfill methane recapturing and many more — to help keep our air clean and lower carbon emissions.

Harmony Fuels — A Better, Smarter Way to Heat Your Home

Millions of Americans depend on heating oil every year during the winter season to heat their homes, but receiving consistent and affordable oil prices is often difficult due to:

  • Foreign events
  • Seasonal demand
  • Overhead costs
  • Delivery expenses

At Harmony Fuels, we take all of these market factors into consideration and have developed an effective solution to offer our customers the most cost-effective and affordable heating oil deliveries nationwide. As a part of Shipley Energy, one of the largest fuel provider networks in the Mid-Atlantic area, we have a larger buying power to keep our prices below national averages. This along with our online platform allows us to pass our heating oil savings onto you along with offsetting heating oil environmental effects.

Be Green With Harmony Fuels Heating Oil Deliveries

At Harmony Fuels, we want to help you offset the effects of heating oil on the environment with our unique heating oil delivery services. We'll help connect you with local delivery companies while using your purchase to invest in solar, wind and landfill methane recapturing initiatives. Harmony Fuels offers the most affordable heating oil deliveries while offering fast deliveries in three business days and the convenience of automatic delivery.

To learn more about our heating oil deliveries and environmentally conscious investments — or to schedule your first carbon-free heating oil delivery — simply enter your zip code to check availability in your area.