Having dependable, effective heating in the long and brutal Northeastern winters is no doubt a necessity — but for modern homeowners trying to reduce their carbon footprint and lower negative effects on the environment, finding the right balance between proper, efficient heating and environmentally friendly solutions can be a challenge.

While homes in the southern region of the country can rely on more eco-friendly electric heating options, homeowners in the Northeast must use propane or heating oil for the most complete whole home heating. Harmony Fuels is the solution you’ve been searching for. We provide reliable traditional heating sources, like propane and oil, while helping to reduce carbon emissions.

At Harmony Fuels, we understand the importance of proper heating while also working to preserve our future and the health of our planet. With our customers' needs and interests in mind, we've developed the most innovative heating oil and propane delivery services. With every oil or propane purchase, we invest in funding for new green initiatives. With Harmony Fuels as your heating delivery company, you can always stay comfortable during the most brutal winters with added peace of mind that you’re doing your part to ensure a better future for our planet.

Harmony Fuels — Delivering Traditional Heating Products With an Eco-Friendly Angle

At Harmony Fuels, we want to help you rethink the way you heat your home this winter. We understand that there’s currently no better solution for heating homes in the Northeastern part of the country than utilizing oil and propane for residential heating systems. But we didn’t let that fact stop us from revolutionizing the heating oil delivery process — at Harmony Fuels, while we do supply traditional heating oil and propane products to homeowners, we’ve also taken a step to promote green initiatives.

With every gallon of heating fuel purchased with us, we purchase an appropriate number of carbon offsets from certified green energy projects such as solar, wind and landfill methane recapturing programs.

Our heating oil and propane delivery services are fast and easy. Start by:

  • Checking our website: Visit our website when it’s time to set up a heating delivery — just enter your zip code to see the most up-to-date oil and propane prices in your area.
  • Creating an online profile: Create a profile or sign into your account to easily request and schedule heating oil deliveries from local delivery providers directly to your home in three business days. Through your profile, you can also set up recurring delivery schedules to ensure you always have reliable heating.
  • Choosing a green program: At checkout, you’ll be prompted to choose whichever green energy project you’re passionate about and want us to invest in, including wind, solar and landfill methane recapture.

A Quality Company You Can Trust for All of Your Heating Oil Delivery Needs

Harmony Fuels is the newest premier heating oil and propane delivery company. Our team is committed to always taking a personal approach to our heating delivery with products that keep you warm and comfortable all winter long while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about our groundbreaking approach to heating oil deliveries by calling us today, or simply enter your zip code to schedule your first carbon-free oil or propane delivery.