About Us

Accepting and welcoming change is a natural process in an evolving world. That said, at Harmony Fuels, we began to notice that our planet is changing — but not always necessarily for the better. Harmful greenhouse gases from household heating systems utilizing heating oil and propane fuels are taking their toll on the environment and accelerating potentially disastrous climate change effects. Harmony Fuels — the newest and most revolutionary service from Shipley Energy — believes that we can change the way families heat their homes with carbon offsetting.

Harmony Fuels has blended traditional heating fuel delivery solutions with innovative, greener initiatives by investing in meaningful, effective carbon offsetting programs with every propane or heating oil purchase. It's our mission to write a new story about residential heating services — one with an inspiring twist that allows customers to get involved and make an immediate impact. We’ve accomplished this goal by continually investing in proven carbon emission reduction projects, cultivating trusted relationships with local heating oil delivery services and promoting a positive, cleaner future.

What Is Harmony Fuels? A Company Dedicated to Embracing a Better, Greener Tomorrow

At Harmony Fuels, we’ve spent the last few years listening to the needs and concerns of our customers, and with rising global temperatures, extreme weather events and other indicators of changes in the environment, more individuals are becoming aware of their environmental impact. Many Americans believe climate change is a growing problem that needs to be addressed, and they’re looking for innovative and progressive companies to provide adequate, appropriate solutions. That’s where Harmony Fuels comes in.

Did you know that the carbon produced by 600 gallons of heating oil is equivalent to driving round-trip from New York to Los Angeles three times — approximately 17,000 miles in an average passenger vehicle? Harmony Fuels has developed an innovative service, delivering home heating fuels while offsetting the carbon produced.

For every gallon of heating oil or propane purchased through Harmony Fuels, our team will purchase an appropriate number of carbon offsets from certified green energy projects like solar energy, wind energy and landfill methane recapturing to promote cleaner, healthier air quality and lower overall carbon emissions.

Get Involved With One of Harmony Fuel’s Carbon Offsetting Passion Projects

At Harmony Fuels, we understand that it’s not feasible or cost-effective to replace and upgrade heating systems throughout the Northeastern United States where heating oil and propane are the most effective heating fuel solutions for consistent, reliable comfort. That's why we reimagined how we approach traditional heating services.

While we can deliver heating oil and propane to keep your family comfortable throughout the brutal winter months, we can also take steps to adopt the highest ethical operational standards. We do so by actively investing in green initiatives to manage climate change and reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. We invest in solar and wind energy as well as landfill methane recapturing projects.

What sets Harmony Fuels apart is our dedication and passion to create meaningful, attainable change through our:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Verified green initiatives
  • Simple, secure online ordering
  • Fast delivery times
  • Top tier customer support

Help Fight Climate Change Today With Harmony Fuels Heating Oil and Propane Delivery Services

Don’t settle for standard heating delivery options — invest in a better future with Harmony Fuels. We’re the best heating oil and propane delivery solution for homes throughout the Northeastern United States looking for better and more conscientious methods to heat their homes. To learn more about our carbon offsetting solutions or to schedule your first delivery, give us a call today or enter your zip code to check service availability in your area.