Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harmony Fuels?

Harmony Fuels is the first carbon neutral heating fuel company in the United States. It offers oil and propane customers from Maine to Maryland the opportunity to purchase carbon offset credits along with, and equal to, their purchase of heating fuel in order to balance out the environmental effects of heating their home.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting means compensating for the carbon-dioxide pollution you're producing (your carbon footprint) by preventing the same amount of pollution from happening somewhere else.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a tool for individuals and organizations to lessen the impact of their own carbon footprints. It is an official recognition of the reduction of one metric ton (or 2,205 pounds) of carbon dioxide emissions.

How much carbon is produced by a typical delivery of heating oil?

Each gallon of heating oil burned produces 22.4 pounds of CO2 emissions. So an average delivery of 200 gallons of oil will produce more than 4,400 pounds of carbon. That's the equivalent to driving a round trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in the average passenger car.

Why should I offset my heating oil or propane delivery?

Offsetting the carbon produced from burning heating fuel reduces your contribution to climate change. Using oil or propane to heat your home releases a LOT of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In fact, for most individuals, it’s the largest contributor to their carbon footprint on an annual basis. By purchasing carbon offsets, homeowners are neutralizing the impact of heating fuel on the environment and increasing investment in the production of additional renewable energy sources, which leads to cleaner air and overall lower carbon emissions.

Can I choose which type of green energy project to buy my carbon offsets from?

Absolutely – you choose the specific type of certified green energy project from which your offset is generated. Harmony Fuels provides the project name, location, and description for each available green energy project. Types of carbon offset projects include solar, wind, landfill methane recapture, livestock methane capture, fugitive emissions capture, improved forest management and others.

Is the fuel that Harmony delivers “green”?

No, the fuel is standard low or ultra-low sulfur heating oil and propane. However, for each gallon of heating oil or propane you purchase, Harmony Fuels will purchase the equivalent number of pounds of carbon offsets from certified green energy projects.

Ok, can you share a real-world example of offsetting in action?

Here’s an example of how carbon offsetting works: many landfills emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Instead of being emitted into the atmosphere, this methane can be captured and sold to power generation companies to produce electricity. However, in many places, landfill operators cannot sell the methane at a price that is high enough to pay for the landfill gas capture. By selling carbon offsets as well, the landfill can successfully implement the project. In this case, the greenhouse gas impact of methane is converted to the impact of carbon dioxide before it is sold as a carbon offset.