How It Works

Reliable heating is a necessity for homeowners throughout the Northeast — with long, chilly winters, low-quality heating can be almost unbearable. Harmony Fuels understands the importance of lasting comfort and effective, dependable heating solutions, and that’s why we provide helpful and efficient heating oil and propane deliveries for homeowners.

At Harmony Fuels, the newest heating fuel delivery solution created by Shipley Energy, we’ve reimagined the way you have heating fuel delivered to your home with an innovative, flexible system of online price checking, easy online ordering, recurring delivery options and carbon offsetting projects. You never know what tomorrow will be like, but with heating fuel deliveries from Harmony Fuels, you can ensure a more eco-friendly tomorrow by helping us invest in the carbon offsetting programs you care most about.

What Is Harmony Fuels?

Homes throughout the northern region of the United States rely on heating oil and propane to heat their homes — with the incredibly cold winters, upgrading to more environmentally friendly alternatives or electric heating systems isn’t affordable or feasible. Harmony Fuels recognizes the need for conventional heating oil and propane fuel deliveries but has developed an innovative way to offset the carbon produced by these fuels.

While we will conveniently deliver heating oil and propane to your home, we also invest in eco-friendly projects. For every gallon of heating fuel purchased by our customers, we will invest in an appropriate number of carbon offsets from certified green energy initiatives like wind and solar energy and landfill methane recapturing. With an environmentally conscious operation, we can encourage carbon offsetting for cleaner air quality.

By working with Harmony Fuels for all of your heating oil and propane delivery needs, you can benefit from affordable, complete home heating while also being an active contributor to the health of our planet.

How It Works

At Harmony Fuels, we understand that our clients are aware of their environmental impact, so we make it easy and convenient to have the best of both worlds with traditional heating fuel deliveries and minimal carbon footprints. Harmony Fuels offers customers the best, most affordable and simplest heating oil and propane delivery solutions — just follow these steps:

  • Enter your zip code and check the latest pricing: On any page of our website, enter your zip code in the lookup field to quickly view the most up-to-date heating oil or propane pricing from local, reputable dealers in your area. The price per gallon pricing on our website includes the cost to offset your heating oil or propane delivery.
  • Order your heating oil or propane delivery online: Log into your online account to schedule your heating oil or propane delivery services — choose from a one-time delivery or automatic delivery options.
  • Choose a carbon offsetting project and check out: At checkout, you can choose from one of our certified green projects, including wind energy, solar energy or landfill methane recapturing. To complete the process, place your order with our secure form, and our trusted delivery partner will deliver your carbon offset fuel.

Set up Your First Heating Oil or Propane Delivery Today

Stay warm and comfortable all winter long while promoting eco-friendly initiatives with Harmony Fuels. We’re proud to offer the most innovative heating oil and propane deliveries with our up-to-date pricing options, fast and secure online ordering, quick delivery times and investments in green initiatives to offset carbon emissions produced by traditional heating fuels. Make an impact today!